Friday, March 2, 2012: Hello MSB students!

Happy Friday!!


Your Do Now Activity for today:

Visit the following site and take  the prefix quiz.  When you finish, show Ms. Mathews your score.

Prefix Quiz


As our first iPad activity, you will learn how to write a blog comment.

Touch the link below.

How to write a blog post

After you have read the link, post a comment to the prompt at the end of this post.

(You might be asked to create an avitar (a picture of yourself or a symbol so we know its you when you post.)

You will be assessed on whether or not you followed the blog post guidelines.

In complete sentences (at least three), tell us your plans for the weekend.


215 thoughts on “Friday, March 2, 2012: Hello MSB students!

  1. Hi! This is Mrs. Mathews. I am looking forward to spending time with my family. My mom and I are going shopping at the mall and my cousin is having her wedding, bridal shower. It should be great!

  2. Hi! This is Mrs. Mathews. I am looking forward to the weekend because I get to spend it with my kids and my husband. We’ll probably just hang out at home but that’s fun for us. On Sunday I have my cousins bridal shower. I’ll be going to that with my mom and my sister. It should be a nice, quiet weekend.

  3. Hi, my name is demetrius. I am going to get my haircut this weekend. Also, I’m going to a few aau basketball tryouts. So, my weekend should be pretty chill.

  4. – ayoooo ‘ this Kyle & this weekend I’m planning on going to a party on Saturday , Sunday I’m going to be sleep all day and then my weekend is going to be over , and then it’s boring to boring Monday # B U M M E R

  5. Hey, this is Danielle. This weekend is going to be very quiet for me I think, but I don’t know what my mom has planned for this weekend. So this weekend will be pretty funny and exciting

  6. Hey thiss Victoriaa Baess . I’m looking forward to this weekend because I’m getting ready of my party & everyones invited !!!! Lol . I’m going over one of my best friends house to kicked with them . Then we all going to he mall . Then after that we going to this party in the city . I’m not going home this weekend ! Ima be out all night . KICKINN IT ! ; ) so my weekened go be crazy !

  7. Hi my name is A’Shontyn Watts,this weekend I am going to do a lot of fun and active activitys. Friday I will go skating with my friends at coachlite then when we leave coachlite we will go out to eat at longhorn. Saturday I will go to help my dad at his car dealerships then later on that night I will go to a party at Berkeley civic center. Then on Sunday I will go with my dad to go get my motorcycle permit and go to a family dinner. This is all of the fun and active events I will do this weekend

  8. Hi! This is Anthony. I’m looking forward to this weekend because I get to hang out with my girlfriend. We probably go to the movies or something. And then we might hang out at her house for a little bit or somethin. Then I’m gonna BBQ this Sunday and just relax. It’ll be alright.

  9. Hi my name is Morgan McNair. My weekend should be fun. Today I’m going to the movies with my niece Armonni to see the Lorax. Then Saturday I’m going to get my taxes done and going to work. Most likely I’m going to have alot of fun at work like always. Sunday, I might just go to church and then afterwards relax at home for the rest of the day. My weekend shouldbe fun, calm, and relaxing.

  10. Hey, this weekend I’m supposed to be going to this party and having a good time. Also I’m going to see my baby sister.

  11. Hey..This is Paris…..this weekend I’m goin to two different malls this weekend the galleria and the mills…I’m goin to the galleria to get me a case for my own iPad at home…then I’m goin to the mills wit my sisters and brother just to chill and hang out and go shopping…….and go downtown and hang out for the rest of Saturday night until Sunday morning……

  12. – ayooo ,this Kyle …this weekend I’m planning on going to a party , then on Sunday I’m going to sleep all day then it’s back to boring Monday # B U M M E R !

  13. Hi my name is Diesha Shumpert and I’m looking forward to doing great activitys with these iPads. This weekend I am going to my cousin house and and then going to the mall and have fun maybe go out to eat all and also I will be going out of town and the place I will be going to is Orlando to visit my big cousin and have a great vacation.

  14. Hi this is Sterling McAlister, and I am looking forward to going to the hotel this weekend also the mall with my buddies we like hanging out and spending time with each other so we should have a good time.

  15. Hi this Tim Williams. I am looking forward to the weekend because all I am going to do is go to sleep and eat

  16. Hi everybody my name I Eugene irby . I’m looking forward to the weekend because my birthday is Saturday an I’m expecting to. Have a lot of funn , an get a lot of presents.

  17. – ayeeee , this Kyle ….. This weekend I’m going to a party and on Sunday I’m going to sleep all day the it’s back to boring Monday # B U M M E R !

  18. Hi! this is Fabian Cannon. For the weekend, I am looking forward in going over my best friend house, to spend the whole weekend with her. Saturday we’re just going to hang, and then go to this party, and Sunday we’re off to Church. So these are my plans for the weekend.

  19. Hi my name is Catherine Johnson the thing I’m doing this weekend is going to my friend b day party, n b wit my brothers kids this weekend.

  20. Hey my name is Duquan and I’m probably going too a couple of parties this weekend. Ayyyyee juice’gangg

  21. Hey this is Markasha and this weekend I’m going to my godsister party tonight. Saturday I’m going to be with my god mama and we are going to the movies and the mall. Sunday I’m going to be at church with my family then we are going to a family outing

  22. ,Hey everybody this is Johnisha &nd this weekend I’m going to see my baby cousin &nd spend time with her and her mother!
    ❤ and maybe get my hair done

  23. Hey this
    Is shyleace jonhon for this weekend
    I looking forward to go get my hair done and Sunday going over my grandmother house to be with my family!!!! 🙂

  24. Hey my name is Charon Payne has u can see.. My pweekend is goin to be fun because I’m goin to a party. Also I’m goin to see my sister who I have not seen in months. Well that’s it for my weekend hope your is going to be as fun as mind #love you all : ) ❤


  26. Hey This Tay 🙂 !! This Weekend I’m Going To B With My Sustah (Melissa) Kickin It With Her One Time For The One Time LOL !! Love You Sustahh ❤ !!

  27. Hi! This Michael Harris. For the weekend, I am going to the mills(the mills) on Saturday with some friends, Sunday I’m going to church. This weekend I hope to have a great weekend!


  28. – Supp, this Montrez … this weekend should be FUN ! Going to the Mall & Jamming With my Guys ! # Out Here

  29. Wassuh. This weekend I’m probably not going to do anything. I know I have baseball practice but I might not go. I might go get some more Under Armor gear. Other than that, I’m not doing anything
    Signing out- Tra_Rockstarr

  30. Hi this is averyauna for the weekend, I am look forward to going on the south and have funny with my sisters then go make arrangements for my b-day….

  31. ~Hey, Ronda(Cookie)here this weekend I am going b-day shopping….I’m also going to my besties party.(snackss nd rockies)Its going to be popping..Then off to track…#Full weekend;)

  32. Hey , this Sabria , this weekend I’m going to be with my cousin . On Saturday , we’re going to a party . Also , on Sunday we’re going to church & just going to kick it together . :)))

  33. Uhhhhhhhhh , this Tyler I plan on going to mall. And ummm. Give me some swagg tips 🙂 . ” insider “

  34. Hey this Nyzha this weekend I’m going to the west side with my cousins then I’m going to the north Side so I can go to the movies with my bestie!

  35. Well my name is David Humphrey and this weekend I will go to the movies. Also I will hang out with my brothers and get some females. Hopefully I will get to see my girlfriend

  36. Wtp I’m tony jones in this weekend I’m going wit my little cuzen for his birthday! We plan on going to sum hotel I dont know where yet in going to the riverfront.

  37. Hi! My name is Mark Howes. I can’t wait until this weekend. First, I’m going to a party today. Then, I’m going to church with my family on saturday. And on Sunday, I’m going to be doing my homework. How fun is that?!

    • Don’t have to much fun and get into a big fight…….buh ii hope you do have a good time even through ii don’t like you.

  38. My name is Devin Gordon. This weekend I will be going out of town to Miami. I’ll be gone for a week, and will be returning on Monday, March 12th. During the week I will be catching two planes there and back. I’m not scared at all because I have flew before. I am very excited and anxious about this trip because I haven’t been in Miami, Florida in over a year so I’m really missing the weather and excitement.

  39. Jasmine Is My Name And This Weekend I Plann On Going To Work Then Hang Out With My Bf . On Sunday I Have To Work Again , Then I’m Going Home To Wash My Hair And Go To Sleep … Ohhh And My Bday Is Tuesday Yaay Piseces .

  40. This weekend I plan to have a little fun. I plan to play some HOOPS with the gang(lame) lhh. Then probably put my car in the shop(real fun). Saturday I plan to study for the asvab placement test for the national guard.then maybe go to the mall and buy some clothes. I will probably do nothing but go to church. And then Monday’s my mothers birthday,so we’ll go somewhere and celebrate her birthday with the whole family.

  41. Hi my name is lamecia weatherspoon and I plan to go over my dad house we are having one of our big house warming parties and I can’t wait because all my old friends will be there .and the best part is that my dad always do some funny dance and he thinks he is doing the jerk lol

  42. …. (tap) …(tap) is this thing on .. Okay, Hello I’m Marcus Blanton and I looking forward to the weekend because straight after school I am going to pig out on some chabacco’s at Box In the Jack. After that Maybe I’ll go to a corner store a buy a pound bag of M&M’s.Go home an get sloppy chocolate wasted and play Black Ops. Then terrify the heeby-jeeby’s out my dog with the vacuum.Then Vibe to some R.Kelly on the computer. To finish the day I’m going to fall asleep watching Adventure Time.

  43. I guess……buh ii hope everything go right if not then ii will understand buh this weekend is not going to be a good weekend.

  44. Hi I’m Anissa Ewing this weekend I’m going to do my homework I have a paper to type & work sheets to finish. Saturday I’m going out to the club with my cousin & bestfriend. Sunday I’m going to church & then out to eat with my family. I’m going to have a fun weekend can’t wait.

  45. Im David Malone I’m going to hit the mall this weekend and probably buy some outfits…youth section!!!

  46. My Name Chazz smith I’m smart and like to have fun.. This weekend I plan to have fun and chill with friends. I hope that I have fun this weekend

  47. Hey man my weekend about to be so fun. Me and my friends going to a party on Saturday and I’m going shopping . #CantWait

  48. Hi, my name is Edna. I am looking forward to learning new things with the iPad.! This class just got so less boring. On the bright side, Berkeley has upgraded and I hope this improves our test scores!

  49. Hi, my name is Rachel. Pretty much I am going to be working after school today. By time I get home I’m going to go to bed only to wake up to go back to work Saturday morning. Then Sunday I will be going over to my boyfriends house.

  50. What’s up,its Cori Smith known as Twin Tho, I have nothing planned this week probably chillin with a couple of homies an catching up on homework.

  51. Anteinea Peebles
    Going to a funeral Sunday in Seattle Washington. Don’t really want to attend it but don’t have a choice. Monday want be attending school.

    • Hey my name is devin Tarkington. This weekend i am going to watch my little brother bowl, and on Sunday I am going to sleep the whole day. And that what i am going to do this weekend.

    • Tomorrow I’m going to the mall with my momma in the morning. And Sunday I’m going over my cousin house.

  52. Hi my name is Andrea Cole and this weekend I’m probably go over my fathers house. If I don’t do that I’ll probably go hang out with some of my friends or my boyfriend.

  53. Hola me llamo Shantelle! I plan to go to a youth program on Saturday and go to church on Sunday. Im also going to baby sit my nephew.

  54. Hey I am Devin Tarkington.what I am going to do this weekend is I am going to watch my little brothers bowl,and on Sunday I am going to sleep the whole day. That all I am going to do this weekend.

  55. Hey this is Maceo and I’m doing a lot for the weekend. I’m going skating today. On Saturday im going skating and to parties, and don’t have any plans for Sunday.

  56. £¥ Hi , My name is Dakesha . An this week I’m going too tha Mall with my cousin , some friends . ¥£. 🙂

  57. My name is Terri Brady. This weekend is going to be fun because on saturday I’m going to IHOP. Then on Sunday I’m going to 54th street.

  58. Hey! My name is Sam this weekend I will be hanging out with some fams and my girl friend. Also will be trying to find a job! Something you will need in the future. I almost for got that I have to study for some of the tests I have to take next week.

  59. My name is Justin. This weekend I will be going to the mall. I also have to study for some test and look for a job.

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