Thursday, March 8, 2012: Prefixes

Do Now:


Find the definition of the following Suffixes:




List 5 words for each suffix in the blog comment below.


13 thoughts on “Thursday, March 8, 2012: Prefixes

  1. Full-Containing or holding as much Or as many as possible.

    Able- having the power or skill,means or opportunity to do something

    Able-Disable,considerable, capable,adjustable,perishable

    Full- aimfully, artfully, awfuller, balefully,bashfully,

  2. Full-being complete or whole

    Able-opportunity to do something

    Full- aimfully artfully awfuller balefully
    Able- ably capable actable disable label

  3. Full , completely
    Able, having power and skills.

    Thankfully, portable, Acceptable, Breakable, Believable, Painful, mouthful

  4. Full- Means there’s a lot of something.

    Able- Means doing something

    Breakable, unbelieveable, believable, acceptable, loveable

    Thankful, painful, Aimfully, Artfully, Brimfull

  5. Able- Having sufficient power or resources to accomplish something.
    Full- to increase the weight or bulk of something.

    Believable trustable beable disable breakable.

  6. -full : completely filled; containing all that can be held.

    -able : having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications.

    – helpfull, shamefull, dreadfull, handfull, usefull.
    – enable, table, cable, I don’t know anything else

  7. Full means containing all that can be held. Five words are topfull, brimful, overfill, woefull, and aimfully.

    Able means having necessary power skill resources or quality. Five words are a usable, abatable, acceptable, accruable, and capable

  8. Able means to have the power and skill to do something
    Ful means to be completely full of something

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