Monday, March 12, 2012:

1) Define the  suffix (tude). (NO ITS NOT YOUR ATTITUDE) 

2) Find 5 words that end in tude.

Post below.


28 thoughts on “Monday, March 12, 2012:

  1. Tude means the quanity of , the condition of , the state of

    – gratitude , attitude , longitude , platitude , aptitude .

  2. Tude- the quality of, the condition of, the state of
    Altitude, amplitude, gratitude, longitude, fortitude

  3. I like Facebook. It’s a great way to look up old friend and make new friends and to look up family members that u have not seen in along time.i like twitter because you can see what people are going throught and how day was going.

  4. 1) I check my Facebook account one a day(2 I think kids are attracted on social network because they can do there homework and can look at videos and can listen t music at the same while they are doing there homework(3 the this that surprised me on Facebook is peopl had friend that they dont know or they just had people just have a lot of friends that they don’t know(4 my opinion is not being on Facebook more then two hours and take a break.(5 there is no rules about social network at my house.

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