Wednesday, May 16, 2012: Anticipation Guide


Students will evaluate their knowledge of Elizabethan England in preperation for “Romeo and Juliet”.

Students will make connections between Elizabethan England and the contemporary world


Anticipation Guides are a way to find out what you already know or think about a topic.

Answer the following True or False questions below:

After we finish, you will answer them again to see what you learned.

1) True or False: There were laws in Elizabethan England that said what type of clothes you could and could not wear.

2) True or False: Christopher Columbus discovered North America during Elizabethan England.

3) True or False: The Elizabethan England era started in 1300 AD

4) True or False: Tortue was used by the police in Elizabethan England as a form of punishment for crimes.

5) True or False: Most girls attended school in Elizabethan England.

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