Applied Communications: Rianna Controversy: What do you think?


Students will participate in Pre-During-After reading support in order to comprehend, make connections, and critically think about what they read.

Students will decide what point of view the article is written in.

Students will decipher the supporting details around an argument and main idea.

Students will discover 5 new words.

Students will connect with the reading through writing to learn.


T- Chart:  What do you know about Rianna’s video” “Man Down”?

What do you know about the Dixie Chick’s song and video: Earl had to die.

What do you know about domestic violence and rape?

What is your opinion on vengence killing?


During Reading:


Students will look for unknown vocabulary words.

Students will compare and contrast the 2 videos.


After reading:

Students will connect and argue their opinion with supporting details.


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