Applied Communications: Wednesday, August 15th: Real Topic: How the recession has affected teens


Students will participate in pre-during-after reading support so that I can comprehend, make connections, and critically thinking  about what they read.

Students will make connections with the text by assessing prior knowledge and reflecting on their own experiences.

Students will pick out the main idea and find the supporting details.

Students will articulate through standard English the main idea and supporting details.

Students will prepare for reading and analyzing argumentative texts.

What do you know about……………………………..

1) the recession

2) finding a part time job

3) Did you have a job this summer?  What was it?  Was it hard to get?

Lets take a look at the following news report about teens finding amid the recession.

Article Links:


Take a look at another article:

After Reading:

What did we learn about job prospects for teens in this economy?

List 10 facts you learned from your articles.a

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