Reading Strategies: August 15, 2012: Dangers of Sexting

Before we read:

  • What is sexting?
  • Have you ever sexted?
  • Do you think there is anything wrong with sexting?
  • What laws do you know exist concerning sexting?

Today we will be watching a news report and reading an article about sexting.  I’m sure you have all heard of this but do we really know what its all about?

Watch the news report:

(Will appear on the big screen)

Pick one of the articles below on the dangers of sexting:

People\’s Dangers of Sexting

Dangers of Sexting


List 5 things you learned about sexting in the article of your choice.

After Reading:  Each Question should be at least 2 sentences.

1) Why do you think teens sext?

2)What can happen to you if you sext or spread images or videos of teens that sext?

3) How has your opinion changed about sexting after reading this article and watching the news report?


One thought on “Reading Strategies: August 15, 2012: Dangers of Sexting

  1. 1. I think teens sext cause they friend ask them 2 send a pic of them.
    2. The thing can happen to me or anyone is that the person u send it to can show there friend n it can get around an u can’t trust no body no more or u can get caught up.

    3. My opinion stayed the same cause what I think is that students do it cause a friend ask them in it is rong cause they can send the picture to there friends an your picture can be out there

    5 things I have learned is that u should not do it. It can hurt your feeling when your picture get sent to every one. You can be called some your not when you send one picture. You are to young.

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