Applied Communications: Tuesday, August 21, 2012: Unfriending Facebook

Before we read:

1) True or False: There are almost 1 billion people on Facebook around the world.

2) True or False: People text or facebook message more than talking face to face or on the phone.

3) How are you affected by social media? 

4) Are you a zealous social media advocate?  Why or Why not?

During & After Reading:

1) Find 5 words used in the text that you are unfamiliar to you.  Use context clues to figure our what those words mean.

2)Find the heading: WHY THEY QUIT-  Using the text, give three reasons or examples of why people are quitting facebook.

3) Find the heading: Facebook’s Future- Using the text to support your answer, what is Facebook’s future in your opinion. Give three details to support your opinion.

4) Find Facebook & the Stock Market: Why were people excited about Facebook stock? 

5) Would you buy Facebook stock now?  Why or Why not?

6) Use the graph titled: Facebook Fever.  What country has the newest amount of Facebook users?  How many?

7) What country has the fewest members to Facebook?  Using your background knowledge of Facebook, what can you infer to be the reason why?

Exit Ticket:

1) What are zealous about?

2) Why do relationships require reciprocal behavior?


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