Applied Communications: Wednesday, August 22, 2012: Are you mean?

DRO: Daily Reading Objective:

Before We Read:

1) Define meanness.

2) Describe a time when you have mean to another person.

3) Has media like phones and computers allowed you to be more mean?  Explain why or why not?


During Reading:

1) Why are experts saying Facebook and online media are making people more mean?

2) How can Facebook help kids build positive relationships?

3) Wha can you then infer about how Facebook can also cause kids to build negative relationships?

4) What are schools doing to stop mean online behavior?

5) Fill in the chart by analyzing the article and finding supporting details for both sides of the argument.


After you read:

Examine Points on both sides of the debate as well as your own beliefs and decide what you think about the issue.  STate your opinion in one sentence below.



10 thoughts on “Applied Communications: Wednesday, August 22, 2012: Are you mean?

  1. 1. It means being ignorant . 2. I was mean to a dude who kept asking me for two dollars 3. No because I can’t think of a reason

  2. 1. To me being mean means to not care about anyone’s feelings and just say the worst thing that comes to your head at the time. 2. I was mean to my little sister yesterday when she asked me for something to eat and I told her no then called her a name. 3. No because I’m always mean and the media nor technolagy has any effect on what I do.

  3. 1: Define meanness: just not being nice or kind to someone at all
    2:while playing basketball I pushed someone for no reason
    3:yes it allows you to be mean from a distant and be secret about it……

  4. #3 kids can build an negative relationship because they can not like someone or just do bad things on the website to start a negitive relationship

  5. #4 to stop the online behavior schools are starting to crack down there trying to get to the bottom of what’s ever going on in the website

  6. 1.Because people can’t say things back that they want to say to the persons face. 2. It can help kids build more positive relationships because they have more time to talk and get to. Know each other. 3. Facebook can build negative relationships becausesome people think they can talk to people how ever they want to on the Internet. 4. School are punishing teens to stop being mean online. 5.

  7. 1. They say this is because they won’t have to see the emotions of the people they are hurting. 2. This is because it is easier for a say kid to come out and be themselves if they don’t have to look the people in their face. 3. Negative relationships can be formed when people stop realizing that they are talking to an actual person and not just a computer. 4. They are setting up programs to show the students how they should behaive online. 5.

  8. 1.they say it because you can talk about people on Facebook without ever seeing can help them meet new people from all over the allows kids to talk about others and not get in trouble for it.4. I really don’t know what they are doing but it’s not going to stop kids from being mean to one another online.

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