Applied Communicaitons & Reading Strategies: Monday, August, 27, 2012: True Crime

DRO: Daily Reading Objective:

Before We Read:

1) Do you know someone who was shot or killed?  Who?  What happened?

2) Did the person who was shot or killed make the news? Why or Why not?

3) What is your opinion on violence in the African American community?

Link: Article Link

During Reading:

1) Take a look at the picture and the headline.  What do you think this article is going to be about?

2) What are 3 obstacles do you think Cook faced in life?

3) What do you think Cook was doing right in her life?  Explain at least 3 examples of what she was doing right.

4) This article is called an editorial.  Define editorial.

5) What is the author’s purpose in writing this article? (To entertain, inform, or persuade) How does he accomplish his purpose?

6) What can you infer about the author of this article?

After Reading:

1) Why do you think the author chose to write about Cook when the news is flooded with news about Megan Boden? (SLU graduate that was gunned down in her car).

24 thoughts on “Applied Communicaitons & Reading Strategies: Monday, August, 27, 2012: True Crime

  1. 1.yes my cousin got shot in his neck doing a something illegal. and he did not make the news
    3.its getting very bad and kids are killing kids now

  2. 1) yes,my cousin has been shot and killed 2) yes because he was a teenager 3) I think it is just crazy out in this little world

  3. 1.She was killed. 2. I think her boyfriend held her back, I think Barb is also, Also where she’s from. 3. She went graduated high school, she went to college, she has a job. 4. Someone’s opinion 5. Inform , he’s informing us about the topic 6. I can infer that there’s a lot of violence in the black community

  4. 2) I think the 3 obstacles that held her back was maybe her job, living arrangements, parents 3) school, job, college was the 3 things I feel she has done right. 4) it’s editorial
    5) the authors purpose is to inform people how the community is.
    6) I can infer that the author wants to inform readers.
    1) the author chooses to write about cook because no one even talk or heard about it.

  5. During Reading
    1)A innocent victim being shot
    2)3 obstacles I think cook faced in life were going to school,dealing with her boyfriend,and dealing with her parents not liking her boyfriend.
    3)What I think cook was doing right in her life was school,job,&college
    4)Editorial-An article In a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the publisher,editor,or editors
    5)To inform the author gave information about how the girl died and information about her life.
    5)What I can infer about this author of this article is they are intelligent and know what they are doing

  6. 1.) I think that this article is about how a young graduate was murdered. 2.) Three obstacles in life that Cook faced were living in a wild neighborhoood…Her parents didn’t approve of her boyfriend. 3.) Cook did a lot of things right…she graduated, and was goin to College ! 4.) editorial is An artical in the newspaper that is an opinion of the author. 5.) To Inform..6.) I can say that the author is aware about the murder

  7. 4) The Headline means that no one seen what happen to Anyia Cook.
    5) 1.Her parents didnt accept her boyfriend ways.

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