Friday, October 5, 2012: Show me!!!!!!!!


Student will demonstrate his or her knowledge of our Tier 2 vocabulary words.

Assignment:  In a post below:  Write a sentence for 4 of the vocabulary words.  Underline or bold the vocabulary word and a context clue in the sentence that demonstrates that you understand the word.


Owls are nocturnal.

Owls sleep during the day and are up at night.  Owls demonstrate what nocturnal is.


64 thoughts on “Friday, October 5, 2012: Show me!!!!!!!!

  1. 1.) Ms.Matthews is a nuisance.
    She is annoying
    2.) Lady Gaga has some outrageous outfits.
    her outfits are out of control
    3.) The incredible Hulk pulverize buildings.
    He smash buildings
    4.) This year I’m going to reach my plateau.
    I’m going to reach my goals.

  2. I have been told that I am a very outrageous person. I said this because people say I am very out going and a little bit crazy

  3. Bats are nocturnal because they’re up during the night and asleep in the day.

    Because they’re parasites, fleas live off of other organisms.

    Nagging teachers are nuisances or annoying.

    I wanted to pulverize someone after I lost the competition.

  4. Most possums and raccoons are nocturnal because most of the time you only see them at night.

    Students and teachers at my school are very nuisance , they erk my last nerve.

    Sometimes I want to pulverize my one of my teachers in the morning because her attitude is just horrible.

    Some people may think I am outrageous because I am out of control.

    A misquito is a parasite , they suck the blood out of people.

    Getting up in the morning is a quandary for me, I hate getting out of the bed because I be very exhausted.


  5. When I am 25 I think I should have reached my (plateau).
    When I play football I (pulverize) anything in my way.
    When it comes to a relationship I have (quandry) in certain areas.
    When I work hard my grades be outrageous!

  6. Bats are nocturnal.
    Bats are nocturnal because they sleep in the day and they are awake at night.

    My ex-boyfriend is a nuisance.
    My ex- boyfriend is very annoying which allows him to be portrayed as a nuisance.

    Lady Gaga is the most outrageous celebrity that I know.
    Her outfits are very outrageous and unique and she dresses outside the box.

    My plateau has really increased this year.
    Every year I have always been plateau at making it in life.

  7. 1. The big scary monster PULVERIZED the St.Louis county police department
    2. If I reach my PLATEAU by the end of this year, I will make my parents so happy.
    3. My boy friend is NUISANCE because he won’t stop calling me.
    4. This school was being so OUTRAGEOUS today because the lights went out.

  8. Joe is outrageous because he been wearing blue, he suppose to be a blood.

    People that were blue makes me mad that I want to pulverize them.

    People that talk too much are a nuisance.

    Bats is a perfect example of being nocturnal.

  9. 1.(Deeds) are not (nocturnal).
    Deers are up most of the day but sleep during the night. That makes it nocturnal.
    2. (My boyfriend) is a (nuisance) because he was get on my nerves and boring me.
    3. (I will) reach my (plateau) this year. I will reach my goals to get out of school and go to college.
    4. (Lady gaga) is out (outrageous) with her outfits. Her meat outfit makes it outrageous.

    Crystal aka ms.cookie

  10. Owls are unique nocturnal animals.
    Owls are nocturnal because they are only active at night.

    At the hospital some people are quarantine for certain illnesses.
    That there are in a special area from others.

    Clowns are outrageous.
    Because they have silly outfits, makeup, and do silly tricks.

    Bullies pulverize their victims.
    They pulverize their victims by hurting them.

  11. Vampires are away during the day, and are out at night. Vampires demonstrate what nocturnal.

    That concert was outrageous, everybody was going crazy for Chris Brown.

    Im graduating and going straight to college , I’ve reached my plateau.

    The boys was in a big fight the police came to handle the quandary.

  12. 1. The renegade was on the run for stolen goods.

    2. The boy a sacrifice between pizza or chicken.

    3.The price for the computers was receding.

  13. 1. Everyone have sacrificed something in there life.
    Everyone have give something away for someone else.
    2. I repose everyday.
    I go to sleep everyday.
    3. I am random.
    I do unexpected things sometimes.
    4. The school has a quota every year.
    They have to reach a number of attendance every year.

  14. 1.My mom sacrifice her money to buy me some new shoes.
    This Shows what sacrifice mean to give Up something for something better.

    2.Mrs.Matthews say something random today in class.
    This show what random mean something out of the blue.

    3.we needed a quota of number to become homecoming king.
    This show that quota mean a number of votes

    4.i saw a spectrum this morning
    This show that a spectrum mean

  15. The lotto can be won by any random person.
    The lottos winner is picked in a random order by numbers.
    There’s a spectrum of ghost at the haunted house.
    The spectrum of ghost means an array of ghost.
    During the winter bears are nocturnal.
    Bears and many other animals hibernate during winter so there nocturnal.
    The Mayans sacrifice many of their people to their god.
    The Mayans gave up many people to keep there god happy or pleased.

  16. Random: the class was learning about math,and Abby randomly started talking about her party.
    This sentence describes random because Abby started talking about her party when the class was talking about math.

    Silhouette: how they cut out and made Peter pan in the silhouette was very impressive.
    This sentence describes silhouette because it says cut out and made.

    Sacrifice: going to war at the age of 18 and leaving your family for the country is a huge sacrifice.
    This sentence describes sacrifice because it says going to war and leaving your family

    Quota: if your a police officer ,you have to have a certain quota for your mission of duty to be complete.
    This sentence describes quota because it says you have to have a certain quota for your mission to be complete.

  17. 1. Our school has random numbers of students from different cultural.
    *Random has to do with different verity that aren’t the same.
    2. I was reposed after cheerleading and soccer practice.
    *After practice the stuff they do can be very tiring.
    3. We had to sacrifice our favorite things just to save our families life.
    *Sacrifice is something you have to give up that you love the absolute most.
    4. We had lots of amazing spectrum ideas for our homecoming floats but the one that got our most attention won.
    *Spectrum has to do with different ideas, colors and activities

  18. The spectrum of colors were fascinating.
    There’s more than one color.

    I’d make sacrifices for my children in the future.
    Give up certain things for my children if I have to.

    I repose during class when it’s cold.
    I sleep when it’s cold. The cold makes me sleepy.

    The boy had to have a quota of practices to play in the game.
    He had to meet a certain number of practices, or meet that requirement.

  19. My best friend is very random when she pick out her clothes.
    Ransoms mean you can be random by what you do are with colors.
    My cuzzin sacrifice her life to save me we I was drowning in a swimming pool.
    Sacrifice mean you sacrificing your life for some one else.
    Crystal an Calvin spectrum is different cause they are boys an girls.
    Spectrum mean the out line are shadow.
    Cops have to have amount of quotas every month.
    Quota means like tickets are rite ups.

  20. The highest quota of the test is 100%.
    The highest score that you need to make the test is 100%.

    Jessie does the most random things.
    Jessie does the most craziest things.

    I am a renegade.
    I am I rebel.

    I recede to school on August 14.
    I go back to school august 14.

    .breayr miller

  21. Jack was so upset because he didn’t meet his quota.-this work Becuase quota is a number this need to be met.
    I sacrifice my life for my child to have a better one-this work Becuase sacrifice is to give something up being selfless.
    My little sister says random thing all the time.-this work because
    Random is thing that’s done or said randomly.
    Last night I saw a silhouette of my lover.-this work because silhouette is a shadow.

  22. The boys randomly picked a girl to kill as they road by.
    – The boys didn’t care who they picked to kill.

    We have to have a certain quota of words for it to be complete.
    – We need at least 4 definitions for the assignment.

    My ex’s always recede back to me.
    – They always fall back on me .

    You can’t talk about no one else if you silhouette yourself.
    – Look at your shadow before you start to judge someone else.

    The spectrum of colors in the rainbow are beautiful.
    – The wide range of related ideas .

    Wen I get home from work I can’t wait to repose in my comfortable bed.
    – She can’t wait to go home and rest .
    I sacrifice my skirt so my sister could wear it .
    – she gave it up to make her sister happy .

  23. 1) It’s only a quota of people coming to my Party .
    2) this store is random it has weird.
    3) when I went in to the haunted house there was a spectrum of color everywhere i was losing my mind .
    4) I had to sacrificed yelling with my ex everyday
    5) I repose all the time at school , home , car .. Ect .
    6) I hate misquitesmthe always parasite

  24. Random is like a cerial killer. The man was randomly shooting people for no reason.

    Spectrum is like an idea or plan. The spectrum about the school being in the community was good.


  25. Everyone said that dude swag was random . He didn’t dress like everyone else .

    His hairline was receding . It was starting in the middle of his head .

    I had to sacrifice my time just to get an education .

    They gave me a spectrum for my jeans. I had to choose what color I wanted

  26. My friend is so random , she comes out of nowhere.
    I had to sacrifice my sleep to come to school.
    She never goes to class, she’s a renegade.
    I receded the time on the pizza because it was going to burn.
    I seen her silhoutte threw the window.

  27. The prisoners are RENEGADES to the United States for escaping from a maxumium security prison.

    Context clues -escaping from prison .

  28. A Lottery Is Random
    They Draw Any Number , And If Your Number Is Called You Win
    A Rainbow Is A Spectrum
    Threre Are Many Colors In A Rainbow Therefore It Is A Spectrum
    A Crimminal Is A Renegade
    They Have Gone Rouge , Escaped Prison And Are Wanted By The Law.
    Egyptian Sacrifices Are Example Of Sacrifice
    They Killed Animals Annually To Please The Gods , Making It A Sacrifice
    A Hybernating Is Repose
    Bears Hybernating Is Sleeping For A Long While , So Bears Repose For The Winter

  29. -M&M’s are very random
    You don’t know what color is coming out

    -Polices are required to have a quota number of tickets
    They have to have a certain amount of tickets

    -Some of these kids hairlines are receding
    Their hairlines are pushed back

    -A person who runs from the law is a renegade
    A person who runs from the law

  30. 1) random: Adam randomly started talking about science in a math class.
    He’s talking about a whole mother subject in a different class

    2) the highest quota on the test is 100%
    The highest score you can get on the test is 100%

    3) there are a lot of renegades in prison
    There are a lot of outlaws

    4) I receded to school on August 9th
    I started school back on aug. 9th

    5) I repose at home in my bed on rainy days.
    I rest in at home on rainy days.
    6) I sacrificed a lot, when I was trying to sneak into the volley ball game.
    The boy could have lost a lot of privileges he had with the school.

    7) how they cut out Peter pan and made him th silhouette was very cool.
    They made Peter pan the outline, and I thought it was nice
    There were a spectrum of ghost.
    The spectrum of a ghost means that there were an array of ghost

  31. 1) What some people don’t know is that I am (Random) sometimes.

    2) Everybody knows a (renegade) is a real hard headed kid.

    3) I (sacrifice) my life every day in these streets.

    4) I (repose) every night at 12.


  32. 2chains is or random 4 example when he said she got a big boody so I call her big boody skkiirrrrtt skkiiirrrtt yea I’m in the kitchen gotten to it im in the kitchen getten to yams every where where did the car and yams come from.

  33. The attendance quota for last year was 20% percent better then it was last year
    The attendance number or percentage was better then last year
    The assembly we had last night was so random it had none to do about prom
    The assembly was unexpected and had none to do with prom
    Many animal in some culture are sacrifice to show respect to the gods
    Many animals are used as tributes to the gods
    Lolo was reposed till the second bell and still did not here the first bell
    Lolo was sleeping and could not here the bell

  34. The old men was sacrificed by the young servent in the family “Manson” house . The servent slowly pulled the pillow over the old man face and begun to hold it there with force.
    Context clues-Over the man face , hold with force

  35. #1.her mom sacrifice her money to buy me some new shoes.
    This Shows what sacrifice mean to give Up something for something better.

    #2.Mrs.Merry say something random today in class.
    This show what random mean something out of the blue.

    #3.We all needed a quota of number to become homecoming king.
    This show that quota mean a number of votes

    #4.i saw a spectrum this morning
    This show that a spectrum mean

  36. 3) The life we live every day is random. Context clues -every day. 4) Labron James hairline was receding at the age of 4. Context clues-labron James

  37. #1 I needed to sacrifice 5th hour to get my social studies done
    I needed to skip 5th hour for more important things

    #2 I had a random outburst
    random means not expected

    #3 the guy’s hair would recede when he’s in the shower
    The guy’s hair would fall back

    #4 the club had a spectrum of colors
    The lights in that club we’re flashing and different colors

  38. #1.His dad sacrifice his money to buy me some new shoes.
    This Shows what sacrifice mean to give Up something for something better.

    #2.Mrs.Matthews say something random today in class.
    This show what random mean something out of the blue.

    #3.We all needed a quota of number to become homecoming king.
    This show that quota mean a number of votes

    #4.I saw a spectrum this morning
    This show that a spectrum mean

  39. A spectrum of colors is very fascinating.
    There’s more than one color in a spectrum.

    I will make sacrifices for my mother.
    I will give up anything for my mother.

    I repose when im at school sometimes.
    I sleep when it’s cold. The cold makes me sleepy.

    In volleyball you have to have a quota of practices before you can play in games.

    Certain amount.

  40. The Disney channel show “gravity falls” is so random.
    1.)theres weird monsters on that show.

    People hair line can recede.
    2.)their lining be in the middle of their head.

    I’m gonna repose after my softball game.
    3.)the game be exhausting.

    Your silhouette comes out when there’s light around you.
    4.)your shadow comes out when the sun is out.

  41. 1.) The Police had to make his quota to make.
    This showed that the police had to make a certain amount.
    2.) He had to make a sacrifice go to the Super Bowl or go to the World Series.
    This showed he had to sacrifice one choice.
    3)In the movie Peter Pan he had a snlouette.
    A Shadow of your body.
    4.) He had an random thought about the Super Bowl.
    Something you wasn’t thinking before.

    • I will sacrifice my dog to save my mom.
      1) sacrifice to give up something

      Truck drivers repose at rest stops.
      2) repose means to rest

      Jesse James was a renegade.
      3) renegade means outlaw….or on the run

      I told my army to recede back because we were being defeated.
      4) recede means to fall back

  42. Old People Repose After A Certain Age.
    They Repose Because they Are Old.

    Criminal are renegade.
    They break rules and laws.

    Many parents sacrifice things for their children.
    They give up things they want just for their kids.

    You can see a person’s silhouette
    A shadow.

  43. The quota of tickets for homecoming were a lot.
    The number of tickets for homecoming were a lot.

    My friend said I was so random.
    My friend said I was so crazy.

    I would want to recede the amusement park.
    I would want to go back to the amusement park.

    The girl went to jail for being such a renegade.
    The girl went to jail for being such a rebel.

    My family and I had to repose at the hotel when we got off the road.
    My family and I had to rest at the hotel when we got off the road.

    I would sacrifice my phone to save my mom.
    I would give up my phone to save my mom.

    The silhouette of the boy was big.
    The shadow of the boy was big.

    The spectrum of the dress was ugly.
    The colors of the dress was ugly.

  44. The renegade escaped from prison and is now on the run.
    A renegade is a person on the run for a crime.

    The rainbow had a spectrum of colors.
    Spectrum is band of colors of ideas, and a rainbow has more than one color which makes it a spectrum.

    The mother had to sacrifice herself in order to be able to save her son.
    Sacrifice is when you give something up, so the gave her life to be able to save her son’s

    The student asked the teacher random questions that had nothing to do with the lesson.

    Random is something u expected, so when the student asked questions that had nothing to do with the lesson it made them random.

    The French class needed a certain quota of at least 20 students to be able to go to a field trip.
    A quota is a number required for something, so 20 is the number required to go on a field trip

    The timide girl receded her self from the huge crowd.

    Recede is to become distant or move away from, so the shy girl move her self away from the crowd.

    A shadow is a silhouette of a person or an object.

    Silhouette is an outline,so a shadow is a an outline of objects and humans.

    Toby repose before he went off to work.
    Repose into res

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