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Wednesday-Friday, Novmeber 7-9, 2012: Tier 2 Vocabulary & “The Face of War”

Do Now: Get out your iPad-Go to www. “This is a Face of War” Critical Reading Reading Strategies-Applied Communications 11/07/12  Objectives: Students will study Tier 2 Vocabulary Words and utilize them for understanding. Students will read for summarzing and vocabulary exploration. Students will connect to the text. Tier 2 Vocabulary: Appalled= Taunted= 1)      What … Continue reading

Monday, November 5th, 2012: Tier 2 Vocabulary & “The History of Stink”

Objectives: Students will learn Tier 2 vocabulary words and apply them. Students will read critically about an interesting topic. Students will practice summarizing Reading Strategies & Applied Communications: Tier 2 Vocabulary 1) Productive=adjective=efficient, gets a lot done 2) categorize= to put in categories, smaller groups Answer the following questions about your Tier 2 Vocabulary Words … Continue reading