11/28/12: Lamb to the Slaughter Story


Students will read to learn irony and vocabulary development.

Pre-Reading Activity:

From our pre-reading activities: What do you predict will happen in our story? (Leave a reply below, in complete sentences)

During Reading:

Link to story: http://www.sanjuan.edu/webpages/rhaak/files/Lamb%20to%20the%20Slaughter%20Text1.pdf


As you read, note 10 words you did not know.  Complete the vocabulary chart.


4 thoughts on “11/28/12: Lamb to the Slaughter Story

  1. The pregnant woman gone be the killer and she gone get away with it cause everyone gone underestimate her abilities to do anything since she’s pregnant … And she prolly had a alibi

  2. My prediction about lamb to the slaughter : someone is going to get murdered and its going to be involved with different alibis.

  3. I think this story. Is going to be about This lady who is going to have a baby by this man who not going to be a baby daddy.
    And this story to be scared.

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