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February 6th: Sports Article of your choice

Objectives: Students will get a chance to pick an article of interest to read for information and evaluation. Students will read informational text from a topic of interest. Students will summarize, determine purpose, and support their answers with details from the text. Assignment: Before you read: 1) What is your opinion on sports? 2) What … Continue reading

January 30th: Where would you like to go…?

Objectives: Students will research geography to find out where they would like to go on an imaginary vacation. Students will learn how to research, read informational text, and take notes. Students will use the information they have learned to persuade other people to go to the same destination. Before you read: 1) If you could … Continue reading

January 29: Option 2: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Objectives: -Students will view a slide show, read the captions and make their own judgements. -Students will critically think about their own habits. -Students will practice summarizing. Leave a post answering each question 1) Define effective 2) What is your opinion on how to be effective in your life? 3) View the following slide show-make … Continue reading

January 28th: Option 2: Tattoos From Around the World

Objectives: Students will read for information.  Students will critically think, make connections, and articulate their findings in a blog. Today we’re taking a look at tattoos from around the world. In Japan, a full body tattoo has significant meaning. Watch the following clip from National Geographic: Link: Full Body Tattoo Read this short article about … Continue reading

Friday-Monday, January 25-28th, 2013: Option 1: Culture of the Prison Tattoo

Objectives: Students will practice reading to gain reading fluency and reading comprehension. Students will connect with a topic of interest and blog to gain better understanding, critical thinking skills, and interpersonal skills. Students will practice the common core standards’ focus on understanding  non fiction texts and writing to learn. Students will connect with the text … Continue reading

January 24th: Failure is not an Option

Do you think that American schools are tough on their students? Do you think that even if you goof up in high school you can still have a chance to succeed? Think about these things as we read an article about China and its students. 1) Read Article 2) As you read, find 5 words … Continue reading

January 23: Option 2: The Gun Debate

Objectives: Students will read for information. Students will read to learn new vocabulary. Students will practice summarizing. Students will articulate their findings in a blog.   Assignment: Before reading define and post the meaning of the following words (MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS) 1)MASSACRE 2) GRIEVING 3) REIGNITED 4) ELIMINATE 5) INACTION 6) DISPUTED … Continue reading

January 23, 2013: Option 1: Drugs and Your Body

Objectives: Students will read for information. Students will practice summarizing. Students will articulate their findings in a blog post.   Read article on page 20-21. Summarize each subsection with 1-2 sentences. There are 10 subsections. Page 20: (1 Subsection) Page 21: (9 subsections)