Applied Communications P.7: Janurary 9-10th


Students will practice reading to gain reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Students will connect with a topic of interest and blog to gain better understanding, critical thinking skills, and interpersonal skills.

Students will practice the common core standards’ focus on understanding  non fiction texts and writing to learn.

Students will connect with the text and formulate responses that reflect critically about the text.

DOK: 3

Time to reflect:

1) What does the term “hard time” mean to you?

2) What is your experience as far as federal prison goes?

Lets view a part of this documentary from The National Geographic:

1) Take a minute to reflect on what we just watched. What is the reality of a federal prison?

2) What is the stereotype of a prison inmate?

3) Describe the mindset of a prison inmate?

4) What are the everyday worries for a prison inmate?

5) Why is reputation so important in prison?

6) Describe a prison experience of your own or someone that you know.

6 thoughts on “Applied Communications P.7: Janurary 9-10th

  1. The person that I admire the most is keke Palmer. She is so awesome , and cool. For a young lady she is also very successful.
    She has many great talents and a great personality.
    I love keke Palmer, and if I could be like any person in the world. It would to be like her !

    • 1. The reality of a fed prison is there is still all the same violence the inside as the is on the outside only difference if there all in the same place.
      2. That they all get violated.
      3. I find there mind sets to be kill or be killed.
      4. There only fear is being killed.
      5. Because the more of a rep you have the more respect You get.
      6. My big brother has been I jail for a few years now and keeps getting time added on for having to fight.

  2. Hard time to me meansn to me life in prison!!
    I know some people that are serving hard time in prison!!

    1. The realty of prison is that I a bad place for bad people!!

    2.A good stereotype of a prisoner is tats on face and gang related tats

    3.The mindset of a prisoner is kill or be killed

    4.Everyday worries of a prison inmate is he gunna make it another night without death

    5.Having a rep in prison is good because you have people that will look up to you and respect you

    6.I experienced my cuzing getting locked up and him havin to fight on the first night

  3. 1 The realty of the prison is that the gang members want to go to the prison to show there place in the gang as top dog or dogs.

    2 dangerous because they fight and want to kill each other.

    3 the mind set of the inmate is to go to jail and become a warrior.

    4 to fight against each other and the people in command.

    5 the reputation of a in mate determined were he is in the gang.

    6 it is hard but easy because all you have to do is show your dominance and how much control you have and you will be good.

    7 The term hard time mean that you will have life in prison or a long time.

    8 I have never been to prison but have family and friends in prisons.

  4. 1.Hard times mean that you are going through something thats stressing you out.
    2.I really don’t have experience in federal prison but I know you must have really done something bad to get there.
    3.There are real criminal that did real crimes to earn their sentence.
    4.The stereotype of a prison inmate is that all prisoners are stupid and can’t read or all prisoners are in gangs and that’s not all true.
    5.The mindset of a prison inmate is to get it how you live meaning do what is necessary to get by in jail.
    6.Everyday worries involve if the inmate will even live to see tomorrow.
    7.Reputation is so important because that’s how you gain power in jail and without power you may die in prison.
    8. I’ve got locked up before at Berkeley for some dumb stuff but I learned my lesson and will never go back.

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