January 16th, Learning Style Survey


Students will learn about their personal learning styles and how to utilize them to become a better student.

1) Post a response indicating what areas you scored the highest in.

2) Explain what they mean

3) Explain how this helps you be a better learner.

3 thoughts on “January 16th, Learning Style Survey

  1. I scored the hightest in visual. Which means I rely more on the sense of sight and I learn best through visual books, videos, charts and pictures. This helps me be a better learner because I get the full effect on what I’m learning.

  2. I am a auditory, I learn threw spoken lectures
    I am an extroverted learner meaning I like social group things
    I am random-intuitive meaning I’m more future orientated
    I am a closure-oriented learner meaning I get things don on time
    I am global learner I enjoy getting the gist
    I am a synthesizing learner meaning I summarize we’ll
    I am inductive learner
    I am an impulsive

    This exercise make a better learner now that I know what I am comfortable doing..

  3. i am a good learing beacuse i understand my reading and i do my best to everyday when i come to school and then i be reading lots and understanding my worlds when i read.

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