Posted in February 2013

February 27th: Sleep and Teens

Objectives: Students will read for comprehension and application. Students will organize their findings in a graphic organizer. Students will take an interactive quiz for reading comprehension. Students will practice understanding cause and effect. Before you Read: 1) How many hours of sleep do you get on average? 2) Do you think this is enough sleep … Continue reading

February 26th, 2013: Vocabulary Games

Objectives: Students will participate in online vocabulary games in order to improve their vocabulary. Students will take note of new words. 1) Visit at least one of the following websites. 2) The goal is to learn new vocabulary 3) As you play, note … Continue reading

February 25., 2013: Tier 2 Challange 2

Objectives: Students will show mastery of MSB’s Tier 2 words of the week. Students will demonstrate that they understand the words through non-linguistic representations. Students will use the Frayer Model to deepen their understanding of the Tier 2 Words. Students will identify the part of speech from the definition   Words: assess=to figure our the … Continue reading

February 19th: Teen Violence

Objectives: Students will read for information. Students will read to connect to a topic of interest. Students will think critically about what they have read and respond. Before you read or view: 1) Do you think teens are more likely to be violent than adults?  Why or Why not? 2) Do you think teens are … Continue reading

February 14: Technology in the Classroom

Objectives: Students will think abut how technology affects them. Students will understand what direction education is going and how this could affect them. Students will evaluate how technolgy can help them learn better. Students will practice summarizing. Before we read and view: 1) What technology devices do you enjoy? 2) What about technology interests you? … Continue reading

February 13th: Some more history…

Do Now: How will you make history? Objectives: Students will research and read for information. Students will communicate their finds on a class blog. Students will learn to blog appropropriatly in order to communicate effectively in a technologically advanced world. Today’s Assignment: 1)Research and find out 3 events that happened today in history. You must … Continue reading

February 7th: Literacy and School

Objectives: Students will understand how literacy and their future are related. Students will read for information. Students will compare and contrast.   Before you read and view: 1) Do you think you read on grade level?  Why or Why not? 2) Do you care if you read on grade level?  Why or Why not? Read … Continue reading