February 13th: Some more history…

Do Now: How will you make history?


Students will research and read for information.

Students will communicate their finds on a class blog.

Students will learn to blog appropropriatly in order to communicate effectively in a technologically advanced world.

Today’s Assignment:

1)Research and find out 3 events that happened today in history.

You must find something that happened in the United States and from other countries around the world.

2)Label the event and describe what happened.

3) Write a reflection explaining why you think that this event was important in history.

(You must have a paragraph for each event)

4) Respo0nd to 5 other students’ blogs.

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One thought on “February 13th: Some more history…

  1. On this day in 1983, 74 people are killed when a fire blazes through a cinema in Turin, Italy. What happened was that a fire has started on the first floor of the cinema, so people started to panick when they tried to head for the exit a stampede broke out. With people who were stomped to death then the fire went to the upstairs killing everyone on the second floor. Killing them by inhalation. But the real problem was that the manager locked the exit doors to keep people from sneaking in.

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