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April 16, 2013: News

Objectives: Students will use media to gain understanding of current events. Students will think critically about current events. Before you view: 1) What is one thing that happened in the US this week that you heard about? 2) What did you feel after you learned about this event? 3) Look up two things that happened … Continue reading

April 15th: 2013: Tone and Mood-More Practice

Objective: Students will understand tone and mood and the difference. Students will practice identifying the tone and/or mood of a story. Let’s take a look at some videos to help us understand: Watch this Power Point Presentation:,1,Tone and Mood Take this quiz: Show Ms. Mathews’ your score.

April 2-3, 2013: More author’s purpose

1) Lets take part in a multi-media lesson teaching us about author’s purpose. View and participate in the following presentation:’s%20Purpose/Authors%20Purpose.ppt#256,4,Slide 4 3) Practice author’s purspose with these activities: Answer the following questions: 1) Decribe each of the three purposes. 2) Give two examples of each purpose.

April 2, 2013: Author’s Purpose and why you should care…

Objectives: Students will u nd erstand what author’s purpose is and how it affects their reading. Students will be able to determine an author’s purpose by reading a passage.   1) Watch the following videos about author’s purpose to help you understand: –   2) Lets take part in a multi-media lesson teaching … Continue reading