DOK Question Starters

DOK Question Stems
• Can you recall______?
• When did ____ happen?
• Who was ____?
• How can you recognize____?
• What is____?
• How can you find the meaning of____?
• Can you recall____?
• Can you select____?
• How would you write___?
• What might you include on a list
• Who discovered___?
• What is the formula for___?
• Can you identify___?
• How would you describe___?
• Can you explain how ____ affected ____?
• How would you apply what you learned
to develop ____?
• How would you compare ____?
• How would you classify____?
• How are____alike? Different?
• How would you classify the type of____?
• What can you say about____?
• How would you summarize____?
• How would you summarize___?
• What steps are needed to edit___?
• When would you use an outline to ___?
• How would you estimate___?
• How could you organize___?
• What would you use to classify___?
• What do you notice about___?
• How is ____ related to ____?
• What conclusions can you draw _____?
• How would you adapt____to create a
• How would you test____?
• Can you predict the outcome if____?
• What is the best answer? Why?
• What conclusion can be drawn from
these three texts?
• What is your interpretation of this text?
Support your rationale.
• How would you describe the sequence
• What facts would you select to
• Can you elaborate on the reason____?
• What would happen if___?
• Can you formulate a theory for___?
• How would you test___?
• Can you elaborate on the reason___?
• Write a thesis, drawing conclusions from
multiple sources.
• Design and conduct an experiment.
Gather information to develop
alternative explanations for the results of
an experiment.
• Write a research paper on a topic.
• Apply information from one text to
another text to develop a persuasive
• What information can you gather to
support your idea about___?
• DOK 4 would most likely be the writing of
a research paper or applying information
from one text to another text to develop
a persuasive argument.
• DOK 4 requires time for extended
From Depth of Knowledge – Descriptors, Examples and Question Stems for Increasing Depth of Knowledge in the Classroom Developed by
Dr. Norman Webb and Flip Chart developed by Myra Collins


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